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Why Your Gutters Should Be Cleaned

Gutters are integral in the protection of your roof and home. They shed water from your home and the surrounding area beneath, protect the bottom edge of your roof shingles, and direct water runoff away from your home. Below are just a few things that can happen if your gutters are not cleaned and maintained properly.

Roof Damage- As gutters clog with debris, water can back up and actually get into soffits, fascia boards, and under shingles. If this happens, mold growth, swelling, and even roof leaks can occur.

Foundation Damage- When clogged gutters backup and overflow, water pools below at the foundation. If not corrected, this water can erode the soil around your foundation, causing it to settle. This can result in a cracked foundation, and the shifting of floors and walls in your home.

Basement Damage- Like foundation damage, reoccurring saturation of soil from clogged and overflowing gutters can put extreme weight on basement walls. Eventually, these walls can crack, shift, and possibly create water leaks in your basement.

Gutter Damage- Gutters are installed at an angle that allows water to freely drain to downspouts, and safely away from the home. Excessive weight from this standing water can bend the gutter and alter the pitch of the gutter, thus not allowing water to run off toward the downspouts. Water that sits stagnant in the gutter then begins to rust both the gutter and downspouts.

Abode Gutter Cleaning Service

Abode Contractors offers services that makes sure your gutters are cleaned and working efficiently.

First, we make sure that your gutters and surrounding areas have not been damaged by clogged debris and standing water.

Next, we use a series of blowers, hand scoops and water to clean both roof and gutters. We make sure each downspout is clean and flowing properly, flushing with water where necessary.

Finally, we bag and haul away all debris that has been removed from the gutters; ensuring the whole time that your flower beds, gutters, and surrounding yard goes undamaged.

Call Abode Contractors for a free gutter cleaning consultation at (804) 553-7930, fill out our quick quote on the homepage, or use our Contact Form.

Gutter Screen and Cover Installation

Another way to help prevent the accumulation of debris in your gutters is to install a gutter screen or cover. These work by keeping debris from getting into your gutters, while allowing water to still collect in your gutters, and drain from the downspout. Our gutter screen and cover installation includes:

-Choosing the right screen or cover for your gutters
-Measuring the gutter dimensions
-Cutting the screen or cover to length
-Installing the screen or cover and ensuring a perfect fit

Abode Contractors specializes in gutter screen and cover installation that can help greatly reduce the need for gutter cleaning. Call Abode Contractors for a free gutter screen or cover consultation at (804) 553-7930, fill out our quick quote on the home page, or use our Contact Form.

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